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Book your First Assessment Visit at Springwood

Thank you for being a client of Optimal Body Massage. We wanted to let you know of an exciting improvement that is happening right now! 

Optimal Body – Southport has now moved location and become part of Madison Healthstyle – Parkwood. You can click HERE to check out where we are now, and book your next massage where Michelle and Mimi will be on hand to help.

Optimal Body – Springwood/Underwood is also morphing into Madison Healthstyle, but we are staying right where we are for now with Murray here to help you. Look out for the new features that come during our facelift, and make sure you tell your friends and family about the new and improved services. 

Madison Healthstyle is growing to become Australia’s premier group of allied health and wellbeing centres. You will be able to easily access a group of health and wellness professionals offering a range of therapies and treatments conveniently under one roof. Including services like, compression therapydry needlinggroup classes like yoga and pilates, cryotherapy, vibration training and more!*

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We look forward to seeing you in one of our Madison Healthstyle locations again soon!

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